Custom Woodworkers



As woodturners, we strive to be different in our offerings.  We will custom make wooden balusters, and other items, some of which are covered in the pictures below, that not obtainable elsewhere, either because of small quantities needed, pricing, or it just can't be found.


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1. Outside Historical Architectural - Wood Balusters, Porch Posts, Finials, Ball Tops, Newel Posts ( Link goes to Balusters)

2. Large (Manly) Rocking Chairs & Tall Rockers

3. Commercial Projects

4. Furniture Repair or replacement parts

5. Carved Items (Plaques)

6. Candle Holders, Cutting Boards

7. Miscellaneous

8. About us & Reviews



Wood Balusters


Mail Box Posts (6 X 6) Square part goes underground. (2 feet)

Porch Posts & Other Big Items







Spheres (Ball Tops) on Newel Posts


Large Rocking Chairs

Candle Holders





Kitchen Cabinet Columns

Fire Place Mantles & Columns

Misc. - Wedding Candle Holder & Canes


          Rosettes and Medallions



Pens & Cases            Gavels/Plaques               
Larger Projects                             Woods                             
Smaller Projects (Other Items)      The Making of the Items  
Grilling Planks                                  

     Cutting Boards            


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